Saturday, January 15, 2011

Weekly Devotionals

To all my wonderful Friends,

I apologize for not keeping up with my blog which I began in June of last year.

My Dad was diagnosed with Non-Hodgkins Lymphoma in May that year in which he began chemo treatments in June. We also praised God and were relieved to hear he had an excellent prognosis as well.

However, having a parent diagnosed with cancer, I was taken up with much concern and prayer for my Dad and family. We did not know what to totally expect and how severe the side effects of chemo would be. He was to have around 6-8 chemo treatments, so when the 6th treatment came and tests were ran, the Doctors decided to continue the next 2 rounds. Well, the 7th chemo about did my Dad in. He had faired very well through the 6 treatments with side effects, but not has severe has they could have been. However, that 7th treatment about took my Dad out. His blood count was almost zero, which meant he barely had an immune system to help keep him from getting sick and infections. But, with much prayer from family, friends and our church, God was faithful to bring my Dad through the 7th chemo treatment without any sicknesses or infections and with his blood count close to normal range. The Doctors decided not to give him the 8th treatment and to continue with 20 rounds of radiation.

As of December, my Dad has finished all his treatments and is on the road to recovery. The Doctors are giving his body time to heal from the treatments before running more tests to find out if any traces of cancer remain, BUT, we are believing and trusting God that not one trace of cancer will be found or will ever return. God has been incredibly faithful to my Dad and family and I give Him all the honor and praise!! My Dad is recovering well and is beginning to be able to do more things. I know God is still working on his behalf and in his body!!!

I want to thank everyone who kept my Dad and family in your prayers!!!!

My desire is to pick back up with this blog, but I won't be blogging about the book I had orignally planned, but a new book that I'm using to guide a women's Bible study at my church. The book is "Having a Mary Spirit" by Joanna Weaver. It is an excellent book and I want to encourage you to stay tuned for some life changing thoughts, readings and scriptures that will bless you!! You might even want to get the boook to use for your devotional time.

I will be talking a little about the book and sharing some tidbits from it every Monday to help encourage you at the start of each week.

I look forward to our visits.

For His Glory,